Our journey to become parents started in June 2008 when we “pulled the goalie”, and took until June 2012 when we finally had our baby boy. Along the way, we dealt with infertility, fertility treatments, pregnancy loss, and finally a successful frozen embryo transfer. Our detailed history and the last year and half of this journey are chronicled in my first blog at unfertilized.wordpress.com.

This blog is about what comes after – the joys and challenges of parenting, which I am looking forward to discovering. I’m not sure at this point how active it will be, and whether I will need to blog about this stage as much as I did about what it took to get here. But, I have enjoyed blogging and the many wonderful people who I’ve connected with as a result, so figured it was worth a shot!

The focus of this blog will definetly be on parenting and getting to know my little boy, and I expect that 95% of what I write will mirror the experience of other first time moms, regardless of how they got here. However, much as I often felt like my experience of pregnancy was coloured by infertility (overwhelmingly in a positive way, not a negative way), I expect that even on this blog, there will be the odd post that will touch on that as well (especially when the time comes for us to grow our family again).


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