Here it is – the first post on my new blog! I am so excited to finally be able to write this.

Some of you will be familiar with my other blog: where I wrote primarily about infertility, and then pregnancy, and finally about the birth of my little boy less than a month ago.

After I got pregnant, I was not sure whether I would continue blogging after the baby came, and if so, in what format. After seeing how other infertility bloggers handled the transition to motherhood, and also remembering my feelings and preferences while still in the trenches, I decided that once the baby was born, I would retire the old blog, and start up a new one for any motherhood related blogging. I secured this web address when I was in the 2nd trimester, and have been waiting for the opportunity to start using it.

At this point, I am not sure how often I will need/want to blog, and how active this blog will be. I don’t know whether I will feel that same urge to get my feelings out into cyberspace now that I’m a mother as I did when I was trying to become one.

That said, I can already tell that in addition to all the wonderful moments, motherhood will bring self doubt, confusion, and occasional frustration. I know that there will be times when I will question my judgement, and also times where I will have strong opinions about the many polarizing views about parenting and children, all of which will provide fodder for potential blog posts. So I’m going to give it a shot!

Lastly, I am still playing around with how open I want to be on this blog. On my old blog, being anonymous was very important to me, as I wanted to have complete freedom to write about situations and people in my life without feeling like I had to constantly look over my shoulder, or hide any identifying details lest someone I know happened to accidentally stumble on my blog.

While this will still be an anonymous blog in the sense that my real name won’t be attached to it, I may decide to post pictures of my baby, and even of myself. I may also provide other potentially identifying details such as neighbourhood hot spots that I visit, or baby and me programs that I participate in, or my son’s first name.

For now though, I’m going to stay anonymous and unidentifiable until I figure out what I’m comfortable with.