Introducing Gus

Baby Boy will be 4 months old tomorrow, which is as good a time as any for his official blog debut!¬†Below, I’ve posted a few of my favourite pictures of him from the last month. I’ve also decided that only calling him “Baby Boy” on the blog feels clumsy at times, so from now on I’ll also refer to him as “Gus”.

Gus is not actually his name, but I think I call him Gus way more often than his real name! It started when he was quite young and having a fussy moment, and I said to him “Who’s a fussy Gus?” Like many of the silly things I say to him, I have no idea where that came from (under any other circumstances I cannot imagine myself referring to someone as a fussy Gus). Since then both my husband and I regularly refer to Baby Boy as Gus, and not just when he’s fussy. There’s Grumpy Gus, Sleepy Gus, and my personal favourite, Happy Gus. Sometimes we even use Gus as a generic word for baby as in “Is there a Gus here?” and “Who’s the best Gus around?”.

So without further adieu, I introduce Gus to you:

This is one of my favourite pictures of Gus, taken a week before he turned 3 months old.

Gus at 3.5 months. I love how this picture captures his big smile, and how he is pointing at something off camera.

Gus at 3.75 months getting dressed up in his finest for (Canadian) Thanksgiving.