Hello Again!

Yup, I’m still here 🙂 It’s been a while, and I have all the usual excuses, on top of a busy summer with lots of time away without my computer. So, I haven’t been blogging (or as active on social media in general) for all of the right reasons. I have about half an hour to go before Gus wakes up from his nap, so I thought I should sneak in a quick post. I don’t have the time to write something well thought out on any one topic, so instead I’ll do a summary update of where we are at these days.

Conceiving Baby #2

As I alluded to in my most recent posts, we are now trying to conceive again, and I’m still getting used to how things are different/similar the second time around. We are still very early in the process…we tried on our own in July and August (though my post partum cycle so far is not very conducive to conceiving – my luteal phase is way shorter than it should be), and did a frozen embryo transfer this month. Going back to fertility treatments is a post or ten on its own, so I’ll keep it brief here.

I am currently PUPO (pregnant until proven otherwise), sitting at 6 days post (5 day) transfer. I am planning on testing tomorrow morning with official bloodwork on Friday, so rather than write a whole lot about what if this/what if that/ I’ll leave the speculation and planning until I know if I am pregnant or not. I have a suspicion of what the answer is, but again, no sense wasting words on that now since I’ll know for sure soon enough.

Baby Boy’s Development

Gus will be 15 months tomorrow, and as can be expected of a little boy his age, he is busy, busy, busy! I’ve been lazy with pictures this past month (as in have not taken any), but am hoping to get some good shots in later today and I will post an updated picture soon. Baby Boy has been walking since he was 12 months, and really in the last two months, running is the more appropriate descriptive term. In general, I have felt like he is not on the busy end of the spectrum for little boys his age, given his generally mellow and chill personality, but after this weekend I may decide otherwise.

The communication has not come as easily to him, which I guess again is par for the course with boys. Over the last few months, he had a total of three and a half words: ball, wawa (water), up, and (half word) da (daddy). He would also say mamamama when he wanted something (maybe trying to say “mine”?). We tried baby sign language with him early on, and I revisited it when we went on vacation for two weeks, but he has been pretty much a total zero on that front (not even picking up on our repeated efforts to teach him “more, more more”).

In just the last week though, I have seen a jump in his ability to communicate with us, and in his words. When we went away to do our embryo transfer, we left him with my mom for his first overnight away from us, and when we came back he’d learned to say doggie (apparently our cat is also a doggie, as we learned when we brought Gus back home!). He now consistently says dada, and all done (even doing a bit of the “all done” sign as he says it), and is starting to use “hi” and “bye”. I’ve also noticed him trying to imitate us more, and when I’m taking him on walks, he will repeat a string of syllables that I say (stuff like “da da, uh huh, doggie”). So, I think over the next little while, the words and gestures are going to explode.


As many of my posts have been about food and eating, I thought I’d give a brief update on that. Despite my earlier efforts at trying lots of new foods, I found that over the summer I’ve gotten quite lazy with Baby Boy’s food. I’m pretty good with protein and fruit, but over the summer, his vegetable intake while not at daycare consisted almost wholly of corn (which he loves eating right off the cob!). I realized this the other week though, and after getting a new website for recipe ideas from a friend (www.littlegrazers.com), I’ve got my cooking/baking mojo back!

It sounds like nap time is over, so I’m off! Hopefully will write more in the next week.



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